alchavoweb-scrshot01 is currently one of Puerto Rico's fastest growing B2B companies. Providing online accounting services, alchavo has more than 16 years of experience serving the small to medium sized business community providing accounting, tax, financial and consulting services.

After 16 years serving the island of Puerto Rico, alchavo was in need to improve their general web presence with an updated, eye catching and easy to use website that reflected alchavo’s image and professionalism.


Alchavo’s need for a fresh web presence comes at a point where the company is getting ready to unveil emerging services and new technologies that they will be implementing in the coming months. Appearance is always important in a technology company, therefore alchavo needed a new web presence that was:

  • Eye catching and professional:

    Alchavo’s new web presence had to be professional, eye catching and easy to use. There was no need for shiny images and discouraging animations. The website needed to look great and feel great, while providing the necessary level of authenticity, confidence and uniqueness of the company.

  • Easy to use:

    With an ever-changing market, alchavo’s website had to be scalable, and easy to use. The customer needs to be able to access the information he or she wants quickly and promptly.

  • Optimized for many devices and platforms:

    The website needs to be able to work seamlessly between multiple platforms and devices.


We proposed scaling up alchavo’s website to be managed with WordPress, along with am eye-catching design of the client’s choosing. WordPress will enable the customer to have a professional looking website, that is not only powerful, but light and scalable.


The result is an eye-catching website that alchavo feels encompasses the image, professionalism of the company and its customers. The new website works in all platforms and devices, providing a fast way for clients to get the info they need and submit callbacks, which they receive on an average of 8 to 12 new contact leads a day.

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